What You Need to Know About the Exam for US Citizenship?

What You Need to Know About the Exam for US Citizenship?Are you a Green Card holder and are you looking forward to become a citizen of the United States? If yes, you must be aware of the US citizenship process and the exam for US citizenship.

Lawful residents who apply for naturalization will have to take the US citizenship test and this test is used to determine whether they are eligible for US citizenship. The US citizenship test includes the English test and the civics test. Even if you are currently ineligible for naturalization, you will have to know about the exam for US citizenship as the information will help you to go though the citizenship process easily, when you are ready.

Generally, while you plan to appear for exams, you tend to prepare for those exams, well in advance. In the same way, you will have to prepare for your US citizenship test as this test is an important step in the US citizenship process. Though the USCIS grants waivers to seniors and individuals with disabilities, the others do not have an option to skip the test.

So you need to prepare for the test and you need to collect the required study materials that would help you to prepare well for the English and the civics components of the US citizenship test. You can check out the Pass the US Citizenship Test and Interview DVD and the US Citizenship Exam Guide AUDIO CD (English & Spanish), and these study materials contain information about the overall US Citizenship process and about the government procedures. These study materials will help you to easily get through the US citizenship test. Apart from that, the USCIS also provides a number of study materials including flash cards, brochures, audio lessons and vocabulary lists, that would help you to prepare for the exam for US citizenship.

Your English skills will be tested first and the immigration officer will talk to you in English throughout the interview and your speaking skills will be assessed by the way you answer. You need to write and read out one out of three given sentences correctly to pass the English test. After you finish this, the immigration officer will administer the civics test and pick out and ask ten questions out of the commonly asked 100 civics questions and you need to score six out of ten to get through the civics test. All the questions may not be simple and without preparation, it might be difficult for you to answer the civics questions. Similarly, non English speakers, to get through the English test, must prepare for the English test, well in advance.