Where Can I Get the Green Card Renewal Form?

If you wish to apply for a particular immigration benefit, you will have to obtain the specific USCIS form and file it with the USCIS. All the USCIS forms are free and you need not pay for USCIS forms. You may visit a USCIS office directly and get the forms or you may also order forms by mail or by phone. If you hold a ten year Green Card that is expiring, you will have to apply for renewal by filing Form I-90. You can visit a USCIS office and obtain this form or you can download the form from the website.

It is easy to download a copy of this form from the website and it will save your time. You can enter the required details by hand and file this form. If you do not wish to file the paper form, you may file this form online. However, you will have to meet few prerequisites to file Form I-90, online. You will have to file this form if your Green Card is expiring and see to that you file this form six months ahead of the date of expiration of your card. However, you may also renew an expired permanent resident card and you will not be fined or penalized for doing so. But remember that it is not right to willfully let your card to expire and that is against the US immigration laws.

If you file your Green Card renewal application, online, you will be provided a receipt notice as soon as you file the form and a unique receipt number will be printed on that receipt. With that number, you can check your case status. After filing your application, you will have to mail your supporting documents to the address that is printed on the receipt notice and your application will not be processed if you fail to send your supporting documents. If you file the paper form, you must mail the supporting documents along with your application. However, it is easy to file the USCIS forms online and you need to go to a USCIS office to obtain your forms as all the forms are available online.