All You Need to Know About United States Citizenship

All You Need to Know About United States CitizenshipUS citizenship means a lot to thousands of foreign nationals who wish to be a part of the United States. You may easily become a US citizen, if you meet few requirements. You may become a citizen at birth or even after birth. You are a US citizen if you were born on US soil and the birth certificate that was issued to you will help you to prove that you are a citizen of America. Similarly, if you were not born within the country but if your parents were US citizens, you may acquire citizenship, but you must meet few requirements to do so.

US immigration laws allow foreign nationals who were born on foreign soil to foreign citizens, to obtain US citizenship and to obtain US citizenship a foreign national must go through the formal naturalization process. However, to naturalize, you must be a Green Card holder. Similarly, you must meet few other requirements and you must not be a minor. You must have lived permanently in the country for a five year period as a lawful permanent resident and must not have remained in a foreign country for a long time, within that five year period. Good moral character is another important requirement and people who involve in criminal activities, are ineligible for US citizenship.

If you meet all the requirements, you can file the naturalization application, Form N-400. Naturalization process includes, paperwork, interviews and citizenship tests. After filing your application, you must start preparing for the US citizenship test. This test consists of two different components, the English component and the civics component and you will have to pass both these components and demonstrate that you are proficient in the English language and you must prove that you know well about the country’s laws and history. You must also prove that you are attached to the principles of the US Constitution.

Finally, if you are found to be eligible for US citizenship, you will be notified about the citizenship oath ceremony, where you should take the Oath of Allegiance. During that ceremony, you will be given a naturalization certificate. Moreover, you will be granted a variety of rights and privileges, that are granted to native US citizens.