Where Should Legal Residents Report the Loss of Their Green Cards?

Where Should Legal Residents Report the Loss of Their Green Cards?Permanent residents who lose their green cards must immediately report the loss of their cards. The loss of a green card must be reported to the immigration authorities. That is because permanent residents who lose their green cards are likely to become victims of identity theft.

People who lose their cards while in the United States need to file an application for replacement with the USCIS. Before that, they need to notify the police department in order to prevent themselves from becoming victims of identity theft. Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, is the application that must be filed. They can either file the form online or they can use the paper form. This form can also be filed by permanent residents who seek to renew their green cards.

Lawful residents need to file a police report about the lost green cards in the jurisdiction in which they lost their cards, if they lose their cards while abroad. They need to retain a copy of the police report as that will help them to prove that they have lost their green cards. Followed by that, they need to contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate and request a Boarding Foil or a U.S. Government Transportation Letter. The local embassy or consulate will assist the permanent residents who lose their resident cards while in foreign countries.

Transportation letters that the embassies or consulates issue will allow the residents to re-enter America without their green cards. They may be required to complete the green card replacement application, Form I-90. But they may not be required to pay the application filing fee immediately and will be required to pay the filing fee at the time of their re-entry to the United States.

Permanent residents need to keep their green cards with them always. They can use their cards to travel abroad. They can make short trips that do not last longer than six months with their resident cards. Residents who travel abroad with these cards need to remember that they will be granted entry into the United States only if they hold valid green cards.