Will the Immigration Reform Bill Fix Visa Overstay Problem?

Will the Immigration Reform Bill Fix Visa Overstay Problem?One of the top priorities for both the Democratic party and the Republican party is immigration reform and the immigration reform bill aims at securing America’s borders. The lawmakers want to end the illegal immigration problem with the new immigration reform bill. Many foreign nationals travel to the United States on non-immigrant visas and overstay their US visas. Likewise, many illegally cross the borders and settle in the United States. The country is unable to solve this issue and that is the reason why immigration reform is essential. An immigration reform bill was recently unveiled by the bipartisan senators, that would strengthen border security and legalize undocumented immigrants. Likewise, the bill aims at putting an end to illegal immigration and the Senate immigration reform bill establishes goals for border security.

The bill would implement border security measures similar to that of Australia’s. The passports of people traveling to and from Australia are being scanned and the Senate immigration bill would require the US immigration officers to scan the passports of people traveling to America. If the immigration reform bill is passed, entry and exit systems similar to that of Australia’s would be implemented, at US ports of entry. Out of the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country, more than 4 million of them have lost their legal status as they have overstayed their non-immigrant visas. US immigration officers and the country are unable to deal with those undocumented immigrants. Most of them have been living in the country for several years and they want the country to legalize them. Likewise, the officials are unable to identify immigrants who have overstayed their US visas as there is no exit control at US airports.

Some willfully overstay their visas but there are certain circumstances that prevent few others from returning to their home countries. However, they are all in violation of the country’s immigration laws. Immigrants who hold expired visas, lead their lives in the United States just like the US citizens and the legal residents. They go to schools and work in the country but they do this illegally. The aim of the immigration reform bill is to secure the borders of the country and to fix the visa overstay problem. Likewise, there are loopholes in the student visa program. The Senators have adopted an amendment that would close all those loopholes and prevent the foreign students and US institutions from involving in visa fraud. The Senate Judiciary Committee has also adopted few other amendments and it will continue considering all the other amendments.