Everything you need to know about USCIS Form G-14

In many cases, when immigrants and applicants deal with the USCIS, they do so only through standardized forms. However, in some cases, additional communication must take place between the USCIS and the applicant. For example, the USCIS may request additional information or additional facts about an applicant in order to correctly process a form. In many cases, when communication is required, the USCIS asks the applicant to complete USCIS Form G-14 (Information Form). This one-page form provides identifying information as well as personal contact information. The information in immigration form G14 is used by the USCIS to reply to or follow up on communication between the USCIS and the applicant.

In most cases, the USCIS will contact you and ask you to file USCIS Form G-14. You can find the latest version of Form G14 on the USCIS web site. It is important to use the latest form and to fill out the form accurately. Luckily, while many immigration forms are quite complicated and involved, Form G-14 is generally quite simple and straightforward. There is no filing fee and the form is only one page long. It does not require any specific information, other than basic identifying information. Nevertheless, any mistakes or inaccuracies on Form G-14 can delay your application. Even though the form is very short, it is important to carefully check and re-check your form before filing it to ensure that you have filled it out correctly and completely. Failure to do so can result in delays or rejection of your application by the USCIS.

USCIS Form G-14 asks the applicant for the date and file number (or form number) as well date and location where the original application was filed. The form further asks for the applicant’s name, any additional names, A number, and address.

Applicants completing Form G14 will also be asked how they entered the US, when and where they became naturalized (if applicable) and the US destination shown on an applicant’s entry documents. There is an additional section of Form G-14 which must be filled in by a sponsor if the form is being filed in relation to a visa application.

The USCIS provides translations of Form G14 for clarification purposes. However, you must file USCIS Form G-14 in English. If you have been requested to file Immigration Form G-14, is also important to file promptly. Delays on your part can result in even longer delays with the USCIS.