Form I-864P Poverty Guidelines

Part of the purpose of the immigration system in the US is to ensure that only qualified immigrants and visitors enter the US. Another aim is to ensure that people entering the US do not pose a danger to the US or its residents. There is also another purpose to many immigration laws: to ensure that those entering the US are in a financial position to do so. While the US welcomes visitors and immigrants from all cultures, backgrounds, and financial status, the US also needs to ensure that immigrants can care for themselves once they are in the US.

There are many social services in the US designed to help those with limited financial resources. In many cases, however, these services are paid for by taxpayer dollars and are designed to be used by US citizens and permanent residents. By ensuring that those entering the US have financial support, the US can ensure that social services are available for those who need them and for those who have paid taxes in order to use these services.

As well, ensuring that immigrants and visitors have financial support or resources ensures that those entering the US are not tempted to break the conditions of their visit or their visa due to financial distress. If someone is entering the US on a visa that does not permit them to work in the US, for example, it will be much easier for that person to adhere to that condition if they have the financial resources needed to live in the US.

There are many ways that the USCIS determines financial support and financial stability of people entering the US. Some people entering the US, for example, file Form I-864 (Affidavit of Support)
to show that they have people who will support them financially to ensure that they will have financial help if they need it. However, since different households and individuals need different levels of support, immigration form I-864 must often be filed along with USCIS Form I-864P (Poverty Guidelines).

Form I-864P is used to decide the minimum income amount needed to complete immigration form I-864. That is, completing Form I864P helps determine how much support must be exhibited on immigration form I-864 in order for the applicant to be admitted to the US. Form I 864 P is only one page long, is always filed along with USCIS Form I-864, and requires no filing fee. However, USCIS Form I-864P (Poverty Guidelines) is a crucial form, as it helps to determine what amount is considered necessary for an immigrant to be considered financially supported in the US.