How to find US Immigration Help for Filing USCIS forms

Filing US immigration forms and USCIS forms can be intimidating. These forms are difficult for even native English speakers to understand, and many people who are going to the US immigration process are just learning English. In addition, USCIS forms and other types of US immigration forms are usually filled with very formal and even legal language, making it difficult for the average person to understand. Luckily, there are many ways that you can find help in filing forms for the USCIS:

  1. Get help from the USCIS. The USCIS website ( is filled with useful information, including the latest versions of various immigration forms, as well as detailed instructions for every form. You can also contact the USCIS by phone or create an appointment through InfoPass if you need help filing a specific USCIS form.
  2. Get help from reputable community sources. There are many resources in your local community that can probably help. There are, for example, probably citizenship classes that you can attend if you have filled out the USCIS forms to become a US citizen. In addition, many communities have newcomer organizations, designed specifically to help new immigrants adjust to life in the US. These, too, can be useful organizations to help you in filing immigration petitions.
  3. Get help from immigration experts online. Reputable sources, such as, provide useful resources, such as a free blog, and immigration form kits. These kits contain everything you need to completely and correctly fill out various UCSIS forms, including most US immigration forms. Written in plain, easy-to-understand language, these kits make it much easier to fill out forms.
  4. Seek help from an immigration attorney if you need to. If you’re having trouble filing an immigration form because you believe that there may be something in your past or current situation which can affect your eligibility for an immigration petition, it may be useful to speak to a qualified US immigration attorney. An immigration attorney can review your case, can represent you with the USCIS and can help you with forms.

    One place you will not want to seek help is from friends and family. While friends and family may be willing to help and may have even gone through the immigration process themselves, unless they are immigration professionals, they may simply not have the expertise and experience needed to really help you fill out your US immigration forms. As well, family and friends may have outdated or inaccurate information about immigration – information that can hinder rather than help you in filing your forms.

    It is important to seek help filing US immigration forms if you need assistance. Filing your forms incorrectly can cause delays to your petitions and can cause your petitions to be rejected. If your forms are rejected, you may need to go through the entire process of filing your USCIS forms again, and you may even need to pay expensive filing fees again. It is a much better idea to get the help you need to fill out the forms correctly the first time.