When to File USCIS Form AR-11SR to Report a Change of Address

USCIS Form AR-11SR (Change of Address Form – Special Registration) is a simple one-page immigration form which must be filed within 10 days of a change of address, under Section 265 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8U.S.C. 1305).Form AR11SR is used by immigrants and some residents with Special Registration requirements. For these applicants, each time they move, they must file Form AR11SR promptly in order to inform the USCIS of their location at all times. There is no cost for filing Form AR 11 SR.

Failure to file Form AR 11 SR can result in serious consequences, so that the USCIS recommends that applicants filing USCIS Form AR-11SR retain a copy of their completed form as well as information on when and where they filed the immigration form. This way, if there are any delays or issues with the application, applicants have information about their submission. The USCIS also recommends filing Form AR 11 SR soon after moving. Waiting nine days after moving can mean that the immigration form does not reach the USCIS on time. The only exception to this is if you need to move to temporary lodgings (such as a friend’s home) for a short time before moving to a new address. In this situation, the USCIS generally recommends that you keep them informed about the move but avoid filing Form AR-11SR until you have moved into a residence where you intend to stay.

There are many reasons why the USCIS uses Form AR-11SR (Change of Address Form – Special Registration). For some immigrants, there are special registration requirements instituted to ensure that the immigrants can be carefully monitored while they are in the United States. The United States keeps a close eye on the whereabouts of immigrants in order to ensure that illegal immigration and overstays of visas do not occur.

A change of address form allows immigration authorities to be informed when an immigrant moves and allows them to be able to easily contact an applicant if there is any reason to do so. Applicants who complete and file USCIS Form AR-11SR as required show that they intend to, in good faith, obey the laws and regulations of the United States and the USCIS. Not filing a change of address form can result in fines, penalties, and even deportation. Information from the form can be shared with local, state, and federal authorities and can be used for statistical and information gathering purposes. In many cases, when statistics are published about the numbers of immigrants in specific states and parts of the US, this information comes from filed AR-11SR forms.