Citizenship Day and Constitution Day – Importance of U.S. Citizenship

NewsImageConstitution Day and Citizenship Day is celebrated in the United States every September in a week long celebration known as Constitution Week. The holiday celebrates the United States Constitution as well as US Citizenship. Many government agencies hold special events to commemorate these important holidays and to reflect on the importance of US citizenship to the founding of the country and to the current economy. As the agency responsible for citizenship, immigration, and naturalization, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) holds a number of special events and celebrations to commemorate the week long holiday. For example, the USCIS hosts special naturalization ceremonies across the country as part of the week, and celebrates the contributions of immigrants to American culture and history. This year, special naturalization ceremonies were held across the country, including at some national parks. These special ceremonies can be quite elaborate and receive much publicity to highlight the importance of US citizenship and new citizens.

This year, the USCIS also announced more than $9 million in grants. These grants were made available for 42 different organizations which help provide permanent residents and immigrants with naturalization preparation services to allow them to become citizens. Organizations in 27 states were eligible for the grants, which will help support the organizations and allow them to help even more immigrants. The grants were first introduced in October 2009, and have since been helped more than 19,000 immigrants become citizens. This year, the USCIS published a list of all grant recipients on their web site. Many of the organizations given these grants offer citizenship classes or other services to US green card holders.

There is no doubt that citizenship is very important. As Constitution Day, Citizenship Day, and Constitution week remind us, US citizenship is vital. Citizenship allows people from different ethnicities, beliefs, races, and nations to become Americans. US citizenship and the US Constitution allow people who believe in the same civic principles and the same rights and freedoms to join together to build a nation. Throughout the US’s history, US citizenship and US immigration have been an important part of American culture, economy, and life. In the early days of the nation, immigrants helped build what would become America. Today, immigrants help start businesses, contribute their knowledge and skills, and help build the economy. US citizenship allows people to work together to continue to build this country and to continue to push the United States towards a bright future.