How businesses are coping with E-Verify shutdown

How businesses are coping with E-Verify shutdownWith the federal government still not having reached an agreement about the budget, all non-essential systems continue to be shut down.  One of the programs that is no longer currently available to be used is the E-Verify system, which enables employers to discover whether or not new employees have the legal right to work in the United States.

When information such as name, proof of citizenship and social security is put into the system by an employer in regards to a new hire, they will receive a message that verifies whether or not the employee is eligible to get a job in the United States.  In the case of certain immigrants however, the employer may get back a Tentative Non-Confirmation message instead, which basically means that the system was unable to verify the social security information and a more thorough check is needed.

Fox News Latino says that various employees were at this stage at the moment that the E-Verify system was placed on hold due to the government shutdown.  Those who had been waiting to begin a new job now have to wait longer still, while employers are unable to hire the workers that they require.

Some companies are permitting those at the Tentative Non-Confirmation stage to start work, intending to run the checks once the system is back up and running, despite the complications that could arise later on if the said employees turn out to be undocumented immigrants who are ineligible to work in the United States.