How to Apply for US Citizenship

Now, applying for US citizenship is easier than before. Applicants have more resources and the official USCIS website,, has made it easier to find the information, forms, and status tracking materials that applicants need. How you apply for US Citizenship will largely depend on what type of citizenship you are applying for. If you were born to US parents or were born in the US, for example, you will generally not need to go through a rigorous process. You are a citizen by birth and it really is just about getting the documentation to prove it. However, if you are the citizen of another country and want to submit a US citizenship application to apply for citizenship in the United States, the process is a little more involved:

1) First, work on your eligibility. In order to apply for citizenship in the United States, you will need to build your language skills and have enough knowledge about US politics and history to pass the citizenship test. As well, you will need to prove that you are of sound moral character and that you have been a green card holder and resident of the US for a number of years. If there is anything in your past – such as a conviction – that may affect your eligibility, it is a good idea to seek out a good US immigration attorney to get advice before submitting a US citizenship application.

2) Second, get familiar with the forms. Download or find the latest Form n-400 from the USCIS. Form n400 is what you will need to apply for US citizenship. Be sure to download and read the instruction forms carefully before filling out Form n-400 fully and honestly. If you need help, seek assistance from an immigration expert or attorney.

3) File Form n400. You will need to submit a filing fee as well as photographs that meet USCIS requirements. Check the instructions and follow them precisely.

4) Wait until you receive an acknowledgement and receipt from the USCIS. At this point, you will be able to track the status of your application on As well, the USCIS will contact you with the date of your citizenship test. You will need to attend this interview and pass the test.

5) Make sure that you renew your green card as needed. The citizenship application process can take some time and you must take care to apply for green card renewal and remain legally in the US. Failure to do so can affect your application.

6) If you have been approved for citizenship, you will need to attend a citizenship ceremony, where you will be sworn in as a new citizen and given your naturalization card.