Invest in green trucks to earn green cards

Invest in green trucks to earn green cardsImmigrants to the United States are given a number of different options when they wish to put in an application for green cards or US visas, and some can be rather creative in nature.  One innovative new method by which immigrant investors are able to earn themselves a green card is a new idea that was developed in order to benefit the independent truck drivers who live in the American Northwest.

A process for immigrants to be able to invest cash in trucks for drivers that need to manage the number of pollutants emitted by their vehicles that are more eco-friendly has been approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.  The idea was jointly created between state legislators and the Pacific Northwest Economic Region’s association.

The process offers investors who sink $500,000 into the project the chance to get onto a fast track in order to get a green card for both themselves and their families, and the investment will in turn also result in the creation of a minimum of ten jobs in both the manufacturing and trucking industries in the United States.

Many truckers have been left with no choice but to upgrade their rigs because of the arrival of tougher emission standards within the Northwest but owner-operators have limited credit, making their need to have some flexible financing an ideal chance for immigrant investors to be invited to contribute to environmentally friendly technology while simultaneously getting on the path to citizenship.