The promotion of immigration reform

US FlagA diverse and sizeable crowd that included the likes of three US Congressmen from Florida packed into the Duncan Theatre auditorium located at the Lake Worth campus of Palm Beach State College on August 28th for the purpose of attending the community-wide Immigration Reform Town Hall meeting.

The evening assembly intended to promote immigration reform, including a path to citizenship, in the United States, was sponsored by a large number of organizations such as the South Florida Jewish Campaign for Immigration Reform, which is comprised of the American Jewish Committee and the National Council of Jewish Women.  Ted Deutch, Lois Frankel and Alice Hastings were on the Congressional Panel, and all made statements about the issue of immigration reform.

“I think we all agree our immigration system is broken,” Frankel noted.  “But when we fix it, it should reflect American values.”  Deutch paid attention to the comprehensive reform package that was passed by the US Senate back in June, which has not yet been brought to the floor in the House of Representatives, let alone passed.  “The legislation that the Senate passed is not perfect, but if you believe in border security, then you should support the Senate bill – it’s a compromise,” he said.  “I believe that the three of us here will work tirelessly to pass comprehensive immigration reform.”

Hastings added that the issue of immigration was a critical one and that immigrants are the face of the future in the United States.