Things to know about Passing the Naturalization Test

Once an immigrant has applied for naturalization and has had their application accepted, the applicant will need to pass a naturalization test in order to be allowed to attend a naturalized nation ceremony in order to become a US citizen. For many immigrants, the naturalization test and interview are a nerve-wracking experience. However, there is no reason to be nervous. The naturalization test is simply a test of English ability and a test of knowledge about American civics. There are many things that you should know that can help you pass the naturalization test:

1) You should know what you need in order to pass the test. In order to pass the naturalization test, you will need to show that you can speak English. This will happen during the interview portion of your naturalization test. In addition, you will need to pass a reading test by reading at least one of three sentences correctly. You will also need to show proficiency in written English by writing at least one of three sentences correctly. You also need to pass a US civics test by answering at least 6 out of 10 questions correctly. These questions may be about American history, government, and other topics related to civics.

2) You should know that by starting early, you will have an easier time mastering all the skills you need to pass the naturalization test. The earlier you begin to study for the test, the more time you’ll have to practice your English and to learn more about American civics. Ideally, you should start studying for the test as soon as you realize that you wish to become a US citizen. At the very least, start studying as soon as you submit your application for naturalization.

3) You should know that there are resources that can help you. Many communities have citizenship classes, which are low-cost or free classes that can help you study for the naturalization test specifically. In addition, the USCIS provides a web page that includes study materials, study tips, and other resources that can help you. also has a citizenship test kit that can help you study for your naturalization test with an interactive DVD which makes studying simple.

4) You should know that you can pass the test. As long as you study and pursue the resources that are available to you, you should be able to pass the citizenship test. Many millions of US immigrants before you have successfully passed the test, so as long as you put your mind to it, you can as well.