Understanding Certificate of Citizenship Process

Your certificate of citizenship helps you to prove that you are a US citizen and can be important if you are applying for jobs, immigration applications, or otherwise need to prove your status as a US citizen. You will need USCIS form N-600 to apply to get a US Certificate of Citizenship. In order to complete Form N-600 correctly, you will need to:

1. Get the latest version of the N-600 form and the instructions that come with the form. You can do this by visiting the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) website to download the form for free instantly.

2. Fill out the basic information you are requested to fill out. Print clearly and use black ink to fill out your name and US social security number in the appropriate places on the form. If you have more than one name, you will need to enter them all. However, for the main name on the form, make sure that you use the form of your name that appears on your green card. You will also need to fill out your country of birth, date of birth, height, gender, address, phone number, marital status, email, and additional information.

3. Choose why you are claiming US citizenship. You will be given a number of options on the form; choose the one that best describes your situation.

4. Fill out the details about your entry into the US.  There will be boxes in the “Information About Entry Into The United States And Current Immigration Status” section of Form N-600 that you will need to check.

5. Indicate whether you have applied for a passport or US certificate of citizenship before. You will simply need to circle “no” or “yes” on the form.

6. Answer questions about your family. If you have been adopted, for example, you will need to provide information about the adoption. You will also need to provide additional information about your parents, including whether your parents were married when you entered the family. In addition, you will need to provide citizenship information, residency information, dates of birth, country of birth, names, and addresses for your parents.

7. Fill out information about any absences from the US.

8. If your parents were in the military, you will need to provide information about this on the form.

9. Save parts 9 and 10 for later completion and sign the form before filing it. The instructions for filing the form are detailed on the USCIS website.