US Citizenship: Dos and Donts

If you areapplying for US citizenship, the following dos and dont’s can help you increase your chances of naturalization:

-Do learn about the citizenship and naturalization process before you apply. You need to understand whether you qualify for citizenship first and the more you know about the process, the more prepared you will be to get accepted. Applying before you understand US immigration and naturalization requirements can hurt your chances. If you are not sure your qualify, work with a good US immigration attorney to help you.

-Don’t put off US citizenship classes or learning. As soon as you start considering citizenship and naturalization, start learning about US civics and start brushing up on your English skills. There are US citizenship classes available in most communities and there are also online resources, such as sample text questions, as well as library books that can help you. The earlier you start to study, the more likely you are to pass the naturalization exam, which is an important part of the immigration process for US citizenship.

-Do prepare for the citizenship and naturalization interview. Bring all your completed paperwork, and make sure that you are familiar with it so that you don’t appear confused and don’t have to refer to it too often. Dress as for an important meeting and be prepared for your interview. You may even want to practice with a friend or family member so that you are less nervous. Remember that you may be asked some personal questions at the interview. If you are applying for citizenship based on marriage to a US citizen, for example, you may be asked personal questions about your relationship. You must be prepared to answer such questions honestly and fully. Make sure that you avoid joking and sarcasm in the interview, as this can be misinterpreted.

-DonÈt put off applying. The US immigration process for naturalization is complex and can take some time. As soon as you have carefully considered and have decided to pursue US citizenship, start the application process.

-Do fill out your forms carefully. To start the immigration process for US citizenship, you will need to file the appropriate application forms. You need to make sure that you have the most recent official forms from the USCIS and that you fill them out accurately, honestly, and fully. Read the instructions carefully and get help if you are not sure how to complete the forms. Above all, do not lie on the forms or leave any parts blank. If you think there is something in your past that could harm your chances for naturalization, talk to a good US immigration attorney before filing your application.