Dos and Don’ts During the Green Card through Marriage Interview

When someone falls in love with a US citizen and decides to get married, the couple can apply for a fiancee visa (K1 visa) to allow the couple to be reunited in the US. The fiancee visa allows the intended spouse of a US citizen to enter the US and get married within the US. US immigration regulations also allows the spouse of a US citizen to apply for a green card after the marriage. However, due to concerns about fraud during the green card through marriage process, the USCIS often conducts green card interviews involving couples who are applying for a green card through marriage. These interviews are intended to ensure that a relationship is legitimate and that a couple are not trying to defraud US immigration authorities by marrying only for a green card. The interviews are also intended to ensure that all the information the USCIS has about you is accurate and is adequate to make a decision about your case.

The green card through marriage interview is very important. If there are inconsistencies or problems, you could be referred to a fraud unit for more intensive interviewing. As well, if your interview does not go well, your petition could be delayed. Consider these dos and donÈts before your interview to increase your chances of getting a green card through marriage:

1) Don’t go into it unprepared. Many couples choose to speak to a US immigration attorney about their case before an interview, especially if there is anything in their situation that could raise red flags for USCIS authorities. The attorney can give couples tips for the interview. Even if you do not need an attorney, it is a good idea to review your application and discuss the interview with your partner to get prepared.

2) Do dress neatly. Making a good first impression with business casual dress can’t hurt.

3) Don’t forget your paperwork. Bring plenty of paperwork to your interview, including up-to-date financial information, ID, and any proof you have of the legitimacy of your relationship (including documentation of joint bank accounts, bills, shared address, etc.). You will also want to bring at least three years of federal tax returns or all your pay stubs in order to show USCIS authorities that you have the financial means to apply for a green card through marriage without a co-sponsor.

4) Do stay calm. It’s normal to be nervous, but try to remember that most USCIS authorities want to help you. Note the name of the person conducting the interview at the start of your interview. If you have questions or if you need to file a compliant, you will need this information. Even if the person interviewing you is aggressive or makes unwarranted accusations, stay calm and continue to answer questions calmly and honestly. You can always file a complaint after the interview.