How to Get a Permanent Resident Card

Getting a US green card, also known as a permanent resident card, is an important step in the immigration process. Becoming a permanent president of the US gives you several benefits. Having a green card, for example, allows you to live and work permanently in the United States. Having a US permanent resident card also allows you to travel in and out of the US more freely. Further, permanent residency in the US allows you to sponsor immediate family members for their own green card, and allows you to apply for a range of jobs, with fewer restrictions.

There are many ways to get a permanent resident card so that you can enjoy all these benefits. The most common ways are through employment sponsorship and family sponsorship. You may be able to secure employment sponsorship if you have unique abilities, skills, or an advanced education. Employers who cannot find US workers to fill positions often turn to non-US workers, and sponsor these workers for green card so that they may work permanently in the US. Another option is to apply through family sponsorship.

In addition to the above, you may also qualify for a permanent resident card if you have extensive amounts of money to invest, if you have been a refugee or asylum claimant living in the United States for specific period of time, if you have served in the US military, or if you meet other qualifications for a permanent resident card. If you come from certain countries, you may also apply for the green card lottery in order to qualify for a green card. To determine how you may qualify for a green card in the US, visit this USCIS website to learn about all the immigration categories available.

It is very possible that you may qualify for a green card under more than one category. For example, you may have a family member who is a US citizen and you may also have a college degree that makes you eligible for employment sponsorship. In this situation, you will want to carefully consider the options available to you in order to choose the best one. Carefully consider the waiting and processing times for green cards in various categories, for example. Some family-sponsored green card applicants may need to wait for many years before getting a permanent resident card, for example.

In general, if you qualify for the diversity green card lottery, you will want to apply for the lottery. If your name is randomly chosen, this can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to obtain a permanent residency card. Even if you do apply, however, seek out another option for pursuing a permanent residency card, focusing on the option that may get you a permanent resident card in the most timely manner possible.