Immigration, Marriage, and Green Cards: How it Works

Marriage has always been one of the key ways that new families are created and one of the most frequent ways that people end up immigrating to the US. Americans travel all over the world and many visitors travel to the United States. Romances inevitably blossom between American citizens and citizens of other countries. United States has made several provisions to allow couples and new families to remain together, even when both couples are not American citizens. Current laws allow immigration through marriage and even green cards through marriage.

If you are marrying a US citizen, you can often secure a K1 visa, which gives you 90 days to enter the country and marry your fiancé. This is the first step of the immigration through marriage process and this is a step you will need to take before you even marry. Once you have married your fiancé(e), you can apply to adjust your status via your marriage. You can get a conditional green card after your marriage, and apply for permanent status after that.

When it comes to immigration and marriage, one of the main concerns of the government is immigration fraud. Unfortunately, a small number of people try to defraud the system by getting married solely in order to secure a green card. This is considered fraud. In order to help prevents this, the United States has taken several steps to fight immigration fraud. For example, most people who marry a US citizen and apply for immigration status receive only a temporary or conditional green card. This helps ensure that any possible immigration fraud can be detected before someone has secured a permanent residency in the United States.

As well, people who apply for immigration through marriage are usually subject to strict rules and investigations. Immigration officials have the right to investigate a potential marriage if they believe it may be caused by fraud. Immigration officials can interview a couple’s friends and family in order to ensure that marriage is legitimate and not undertaken for green card purposes, for example.

They can also gather evidence if they suspect that a couple has married only for immigration purposes. If someone is found guilty of immigration fraud, they can be required to leave the US, can lose their immigration status, and may even be subject to charges. That’s why it is important for couples to establish a relationship and carefully consider their motives before deciding to get married.