Obama wants start-up visa program

Obama wants start-up visa programOn the 29th January US President Barack Obama called on Congress to come up with the creation of a brand new visa category for those immigrants who successfully launch start-up companies.  Just a few days before Obama’s speech Canadian officials made the announcement that they had created a fully comprehensive start-up visa program that would allow their country to be able to reap the benefits of the United States’ own outdated immigration policies.

A start-up visa is a necessity if the United States wishes to be able to remain competitive on a global basis.  A start-up visa would enable immigrants that have created start-ups to remain in the United States for as long as they can employ workers and come up with a low level of financing.

The Huffington Post says that Asaf Darash, a foreign born entrepreneur, is facing deportation after he studied at the Berkeley campus of the University of California and then launched a start-up company in San Francisco because he may not be able to get a green card due to how few are currently available.  Such stories are unfortunately all too common and numerous graduates are left with no choice than to offer their talents to other countries.

“Right now in one of those classrooms there are students wrestling with how to turn their big idea – their Intel or Instagram – into a big business,” Obama says.  “We’re giving them all the skills they need to figure that out, but then we’re going to turn around and tell them to start that business and create those jobs…   someplace else.”