Bahamas Immigration Visa Approvals Addressed by US Embassy

Obtaining a non-immigration visa for the US appears to have become more difficult for people living in the Bahamas, with the approval criteria for the B1 and B2 US visas tightened by the local US Embassy. The US Embassy’s Public Affairs Officer, Penny Rechkemmer and Vice Consul, Jason Harms discussed the issue with talk show host, Clint Watson, on the Beyond Headlines program on Tuesday.

The complete US visa processes were highlighted by the two representatives of the US Embassy, as were the reasons why several residents of the Bahamas have experienced difficulties in gaining approval for a US visa. Vice Consul Harms admits there are border concerns but that while the minutia and some of the logistics may have altered over the years, the process remains unchanged.

According to Harms, the US Embassy must first investigate the tie that an individual has to the community, as strong ties to the Bahamas is a good indicator that they have reason to come back home again and are more likely to gain approval for a US visa. US visa approval can hinge on many different factors, including whether you are a recent graduate or are in-between jobs.

But, both representatives of the US Embassy confirmed that there are no current restrictions against citizens of the Bahamas entering the US, despite students from the Bahamas having overstayed in the country on their student US visas in the past.