Better healthcare could result from immigration reform

Better healthcare could result from immigration reformUnder the current US immigration laws, many nurses, physicians and specialists are not able to work in the United States. With the ageing US population and the Affordable Care Act, however, there is an increasing demand for more advances in medicine, more practitioners and increased specialization, according to a report which was released recently by the National Foundation for American Policy.

The report from the organization came up with a number of suggestions for how America could develop a more advanced and efficient medical system. One of those suggestions was to expand the number of people who are issued with a green card based on employment, something that could lower the wait time for highly skilled immigrants to just months or even weeks rather than years or decades. At the moment, temporary work visas are unavailable for foreign nurses and employers, but the establishment of a system that would enable these people to work legally in the United States might therefore mean that the US would be in a better position to compete with worldwide talent.

Throughout the United States, there are a number of areas where patients are being underserved, and doctors in the US are unable to pursue specialized fields due to the fact that they are urged to serve the greater populace with standard medicine.

Allowing more physicians and raising the number of foreign-trained doctors who are able to practice, as well as changing the limitations in regards to medical residency in the country could see the country acquire a much better health system.