Business U.S. Immigration Strategy

If you have skills, talents, or investment money that could benefit the US, you may be able to apply for immigration to the US through US business immigration. This may allow you to work in the US on a temporary or even permanent basis. There are many types of business immigration visas and methods of entry into the US:

1) L-1A International Managers. If you are an executive or manager working for a foreign company which is related to a US-based company through more than 50% of its ownership, you may qualify for entry into the US through this type of business immigration. However, if you are a manager, you must have worked for the foreign company for at least one year of the past three years. You must also be coming to the US company branch in order to work in an executive or managerial capacity in order to qualify.

2) E-1 Treaty Traders. Is you reside in a treaty country and are a manager or executive who controls substantial trade – generally this means $500,000 or more per year – between the country and the US, you may qualify for US business immigration through this means.

3) E-2 Treaty Investors. If you are promoting US employment through investment and are the owner and/or developer of a new business in a treaty country which has at least 50% ownership in an investment to that is contributing directly to US employment, you may qualify for this type of US business immigration. In general, you must be contributing at least $200,000 or more towards US employment. In some cases, investments of less than $200,000 are excepted, but the smaller the investments the less chance that your immigration application will be accepted.

4) Eb(5) Immigrant Investors. This category of US immigration finance application is rather controversial, which means that processing times for this type of application may be slow. However, individuals who invest at least $500,000 in a US area of high unemployment or $1 million in another type of industry and hire at least ten employees within two years may qualify for immigration into the US through this means.

Rules regarding immigration and business change very rapidly, so it is important to check current US immigration rules on the official USCIS web site. Many investors and business people looking to immigrate on a US immigration business visa also sometimes find it useful to speak to a qualified immigration attorney who can provide them with specific up-to-date information.