Requesting Your Certificate of US Naturalization

If you are a naturalized citizen of the US – meaning that you attained your citizenship through the naturalization process rather than birth – you can request a copy of your Certificate of US Naturalization from the USCIS. The USCIS issues this document only to naturalized U.S. citizens. There are many reasons why you might need your certificate of us naturalization. Since this document proves that you are a US naturalized citizen, you might need this documentation to apply for jobs or to prove your status in the US. The certificate of naturalization is officially known as form N-550 or N-570.

You may have already received a certificate of US naturalization during your US citizenship ceremony. If your certificate of US naturalization has he come damaged, lost, stolen, or misplaced, it is important to that you apply with the USCIS in order to replace your citizenship certificate. Your certificate is proof of your status. If you have never received a certificate, is important to receive your certificate and order to prove your citizenship.

Again, you may need this in many types of situations. If you’re applying for a new passport book or passport card for example, you may need your proof of US citizenship. Similarly, if you are applying for certain types of jobs or military work you may need your certificate. Employers may ask for this certificate and you may be asked for this certificate if you want to register to vote or if you want to sponsor someone for immigration. If you apply for certain social benefits, you may need your certificate to show that you are a US citizenship and therefore qualify.

You can find an application for certificate of naturalization online at the USCIS web site ( Full instructions for N-550 or N-570 are also available online. Make sure that you print and review the instructions carefully before filling out your application for your US naturalization certificate. Any small errors on your application can delay receipt of your certificate. You will want to check your application form and the directions for the application before filing your application.

If you do not have your US citizenship, you will first have to apply and attain your US citizenship before getting your certificate of US naturalization. If you already have your US citizenship, you will need to fill out the correct and most recent USCIS forms and submit them with a filing fee. You’ll also need to provide the USCIS with evidence of US citizenship before a certificate of US naturalization will be issued to you.