Checking Your US Immigration Case Status May Be Very Easy

If you have filled out any US immigration forms – such as a green card application, green card renewal form, US citizenship application, or American visa application – you will of course want to know in a timely fashion about the status of your application. The processing of United States immigration forms can take a long time and the process is very complex. That is why the USCIS allows applicants to check on the status of their green card applications, visa applications, and the status of other requests as well.

In 2009, the USCIS website,, received a major overhaul. Part of the renovations included better access to online information, including easier access to information about application status. The new USCIS website has a “My Case Status” page. If you have applied for green card renewal, US citizenship, or have filled out another US immigration form, you can get updates on the status of your application using the “My Case Status” page. The link to My Case Status can be found near the bottom of most USCIS pages on the official site. The “My Case Status” page is fully secure and you must sign in with a password and username in order to keep your personal information private.

Applicants can use the “My Case Status” page to sign up for alerts. If you have applied for a green card, marriage name change on your green card, or have filled out other immigration forms, automatic alerts allow you to receive notification of any changes to your status via text messages. This means that as soon as your status changes, a text message will be sent to your mobile device. You can also choose to have status updates sent to you via email. This makes the American immigration process a little easier, as it removes the burden of checking application status from the applicant.

The “My Case Status” page also allows applicants to check up on their cases and even provides general processing times for various US immigration forms. If you submit a green card application, green card renewal petition, or another United States immigration form, this feature helps you understand how long you can expect to wait for your forms to be processed. The page also lists all the process steps involved in the application process for your American visa, green card, or US citizenship application. This allows you to understand what might happen next in the process.