FWD.us calls for end to immigration reform stalling

FWD.us calls for end to immigration reform stallingAdvocacy group FWD.us, which is funded by Facebook supremo Mark Zuckerberg, is to launch a new range of adverts that have a different tone to their previous spots on immigration reform, quoting President Obama and leaders in the House of Representatives in order to highlight the growing frustration at the delay over immigration legislation.

Previous adverts tried the route of gentle persuasion, offering cover to Republicans in the Senate who have supported immigration reform by pointing out conservative message points, but the new adverts are a very different story, and are a clear indication that the group is now aiming to ramp up the pressure on Republicans in the House of Representatives, despite the likelihood that nothing will happen with regards to the issue in the remainder of 2013.

“On the need to fix our broken immigration system, there are signs both political parties in Washington get it,” the voiceover on the ad says, followed by quotes from President Barack Obama that Washington is lagging behind the rest of the country and from House Speaker John Boehner, acknowledging that the issue has now been dragging on for far too long already as it is.  “And yet, we wait,” the narrator continues.  “Americans are tired of empty rhetoric.  It’s time for every leader to come through on their promise and fix our broken immigration system.  Tell Congress the time is now.”

Joe Green, the President of FWD.us, adds that delaying immigration reform is unacceptable to the group.