Green Card Application Form Revised by USCIS

Green card application form revised by USCISUS Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has redesigned the green card application form for those seeking permanent residence in the US. The 18-page document, officially known as Form 1-485, comes with new background questions for those wishing to alter their legal status.

In a statement issued recently, USCIS said that the new instructions and Form 1-485 had been substantially updated to cut down on complexity in the wake of comments collected from both the stakeholders and the general public. USCIS added that the new version provided better information to applicants to aid them with completing the application, including simple navigation to the instructions and the parts of the new form relevant to their particular situations. USCIS claim the revisions will cut down on the number of requests for evidence, will reduce errors, and make the whole of the adjudication process more efficient.

The revised document will become mandatory for applicants on 25 August. Wilfredo Allen, an immigration attorney in Miami, says there should not be any problems over the new form delving a little deeper into the background of applicants in the questions it asks.

Allen says that living in the US is not a right but a privilege. He adds that the government has every right to be more knowledgeable about those wanting to live there, also saying that applicants should consider getting professional help to fill out their forms correctly.