How Texans See Immigration

The results of a new survey by the Southern Methodist University in conjunction with the Bipartisan Policy Center, based in Washington DC, shows a better picture of how people in Texas see immigration in comparison to the rest of the US. 68.8% of Texans are happy to welcome immigrants to the US under the right circumstances, according to the survey, officially released on Wednesday (September 12, 2018).

Immigrants who abide by the law should be the highest priority, according to 48% of respondents nationwide and 57% of people in Texas. 45% of Texas and 41% of nationwide respondents claim that immigrants who are willing and able to learn English should also be a priority.

The survey results also show that the biggest concern for 54% of Texans and 47% of nationwide respondents is the lack of control over exactly who is allowed to enter the US. Just over 1,000 potential voters across the US were surveyed by the poll, with 39% identifying as Democrats, 37% as Republicans, and 24% as independent voters.

634 Texans were also included in the survey, 43% of whom said they were Republican voters, along with 33% being Democrat voters and 24% independents. According to the Dallas Morning News, the views expressed by Texans in the survey will be of vital importance to calling for future immigration reforms.