How to Get Married in the United States

Many people want to get married in the US. There are many places in the US where a marriage ceremony can be quite beautiful. For example, Hawaii is known as a honeymoon capital and many people wish to get married on the beautiful beaches of that state. As well, many people are taking part in an immigration marriage, whereby one person is a US citizen while the other partner is just going through the US immigration process.

Some people also mistakenly believe in the idea of a green card marriage, or the idea of getting a green card through marriage. Unfortunately, it’s not true that simply getting married in the US will allow you to get a marriage greencard, a visa or permanent residency in the US. In fact, marrying someone just for US immigration status is considered fraud in the US. You may be subject to an immigration interview as well as an investigation in order to determine whether your marriage is legitimate. You should only come to the US to get married if you are in love with your partner and therefore have a legitimate reason to get married.

If you want to get married in the US, whether or not you are a citizen will determine how your marriage will take place. First, you will need to determine the marriage requirements in the state where you want to get married. If you and your spouse are both non-US citizens and are not planning on US immigration, but simply want to enjoy the natural beauty of the US as a background for your marriage, you may wish to contact the tourism bureau of the state where you wish to get married. The tourism bureau will likely have information about temporary visas as well as travel plans for newlyweds.

If one of you is a US citizen or permanent resident, you will need to get the correct visa for your fiancé before he or she enters the US. Every state has different regulations. Some states require a waiting period between the issuing of a marriage license and the marriage itself, while others simply require documentation. To determine the exact requirements, contact the USCIS web site ( about how to marry a US citizen or how to marry a green card holder.

In most cases, you will want to apply for a K-1 visa for your fiancé. This visa allows your partner to travel to the US to marry you. Once you have been married, you can adjust your spouse’s status to a permanent resident. You may need to submit to a green card marriage interview, also known as a green card interview. These interviews are held by immigration officials and are intended to ensure that the marriage, green card application, and relationship are authentic and not just undertaken for US immigration purposes.