If immigration reform fails, Latinos will blame Republicans

If immigration reform fails, Latinos will blame RepublicansIf immigration reform fails to pass Congress, the Republican party will be held responsible in the eyes of the Latino community, according to a new poll by Latino Decisions.  The survey of 800 registered Hispanic voters revealed that 49% would blame the Republicans for a lack of immigration reform, with just 16% holding the Democrats accountable.  Getting behind immigration reform would boost the Republican party’s standing with Latino voters, the results suggest.

The survey appears to offer more proof that the issue of immigration reform remains important to Latino voters and will have an effect on how they perceive both major political parties as this year’s elections get closer.  The pollster believes that the failure of the Republicans in the House of Representatives to allow a vote on the issue would only increase the public perception of the party as being against immigrants and against the Latino community.

“The Republican party really stands to lose a lot of ground if they continue to appear as obstructionists,” Matt Barreto, co-founder of Latino Decisions, told reporters.  Around 71% of Latino voters feel that passing immigration reform is either “very or extremely important”.

Latino voters have taken note of the fact that although a comprehensive immigration reform bill passed the Senate last year, it has hit a brick wall in the House of Representatives.  The House is controlled by the Republican party, with 68% of the respondents expressing disapproval about the House’s actions.