Republican lawmakers call for Muslim immigration freeze

Republican lawmakers call for Muslim immigration freezeHouse Speaker Paul Ryan is preparing a show vote on the US importation of Muslim immigrant refugees, infuriating many conservatives who want to see more decisive action. An increasing number of conservatives in Congress are calling for the suspension of US visas issued to those from Muslim nations that have jihadist movements, or at least a reduction.

“I say from the Middle East, we don’t need any more immigrants…students or refugees or otherwise,” Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul told reporters during a conference call on Monday. Paul wants to see US visas no longer issued to around 30 countries that have jihadist movements. “My message not only to the leadership but to the country is if we want to defend ourselves, we have to defend ourselves and the first way to do it is to bar people from coming to your country who would attack you.”

Paul’s initiative was backed by Representative Brian Babin, who has been trying to halt the importation of Muslim immigrant refugees into the United States for some time. Babin slammed Ryan over the show vote and said any move that lacked “real teeth” should be rejected.

Similar views were expressed by Representatives Randy Weber, Cynthia Lummis, and Dave Brat during the Conversations With Conservatives panel on Tuesday, with Weber revealing that 26 foreign-born individuals have been linked to terrorist activity in the last year alone.

92% of Republican voters want to see immigration to the US in general reduced in the future, according to the Pew Research Center.