Republican party demands Senate majority before immigration reform

Republican party demands Senate majority before immigration reformAs the issue of immigration reform continues to stir debate, many people are wondering how better and more comprehensive immigration laws can be created.  Senators in the Republican party have been banding together to claim to the public that it would be simpler to pass legislation if the party won the majority in the Senate.

While it does not seem unreasonable than many critics regard this tactic as an obvious ploy to try to win the votes of immigration advocates, there is the possibility that the senators’ suggestion might have some merit.  Senator Chuck Grassley, who is likely to become the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, claims that he would pass immigration reform legislation designed by the Republican party.

Senator Marco Rubio, who has long been on the side of immigration reform, also believes that a Senate controlled by the Republican party could result in a more comprehensive approach to such legislation.  “I certainly think we can make progress on immigration, particularly on topics like modernizing our legal immigration system [and] improving our mechanisms for enforcing the law, and I think if you did those things you could actually make some progress on addressing those who are [here] illegally.”

If the Senate majority does get taken back from the Democrats by the Republicans, it will be with the assistance of a number of Tea Party groups with the same shared vision of immigration reform and the same desire for immigration to be a priority this year.