Trump furious over immigration ban appeal court rejection

President Donald Trump is furious after the US Justice Department’s motion to have his controversial immigration and travel ban reinstated was rejected by a San Francisco court. The city’s US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit made the decision public early on Sunday, hours after the emergency stay request was filed by the Justice Department.

In its appeal of the ruling by a Seattle court that the immigration ban implemented via executive order by the President should be suspended, the Justice Department claimed that the decision was harmful to the American public. They added that it second guessed the judgment on national security made by the Commander-in-Chief, and was taken with almost no legal analysis of the situation.

On Sunday, Trump again attacked Judge James Robart, who was responsible for blocking the order. On Twitter, Trump said that if a national security incident occurred in the meantime, Robart would be to blame. Vice President, Mike Pence, also defended the executive order, issued on 27 January. Pence told CBS that the judge was wrong and that the Trump administration had every confidence they would win through in court.

Pence expressed frustration over federal policy being conducted by a Washington judge, especially given that the executive order on immigration issued by the President was consistent with the kind of statutory law that has already been enacted by Congress, which gives the President the right to decide who is and is not permitted access to the US.