Trump Includes Immigration Reform in Congress Speech

Trump includes immigration reform in Congress speechOn Tuesday, the door was opened to a broad overhaul of the immigration system in the US by President Donald Trump, during his first speech to Congress since his inauguration. The President also promised to pursue tax relief for people in the middle class.

The nationally televised speech saw Trump declare that the time had come to ditch trivial fights and small thinking while outlining his aims for his first year in the Oval Office. These include reforming health care and taxes while strengthening the nation’s border security. The President added that it was possible that a broad immigration plan could eventuate if both Democrats and Republicans in Congress agreed to make compromises, although gave few details of any potential plan.

The real estate tycoon turned controversial politician declared his belief in the possibility of positive and real immigration reform, so long as certain goals were focused on restoring respect for the nation’s laws, strengthening national security, and improving wages and jobs in general for American workers. Trump reiterated his desire for an immigration system based on merit rather than the lower-skilled immigration lotteries currently in use.

Trump called on Congress, which is currently controlled by the Republican Party, to repeal and replace the Obamacare health law with new reforms that increase choice and access while lowering costs.

The President also declared that his administration was developing massive tax relief proposals for the middle class, as well as possible tax cuts for corporations.