Trump wants Indian students to stay in US

Indians who go to university in the United States should not be forced to leave after graduation as they are the kind of “very smart people” that the country needs, Donald Trump says. The often controversial Republican Presidential candidate nominee, who is often touted as being entirely anti-immigrant, told Fox News that he had no problem with legal immigration in regards to the likes of Indian graduate students.

The 69-year-old pointed out that these students are educated in universities as high profile as Harvard, only to then be denied the right to remain in the United States. They then go home and end up creating their own successful companies, creating many job opportunities, something they could have been doing in the United States if the immigration laws permitted it.

Trump has often been accused of having a simplistic “all or nothing” stance on the subject of immigration, but made it clear that he was in favor when it came to some facets of the H-1B US visa system, and that overseas college students should not be forced to leave the country the moment they graduate.

Trump has not, however, changed his stance on most aspects of the H-1B US visa system, which from the beginning of his controversial campaign he has maintained allows companies to import foreign workers into the United States to take American jobs for lower wages. He also continues to be against all illegal immigration, with the number of undocumented immigrants in the US now estimated to be around 11 million.