Trump Warns of Possible Border Closure

President Donald Trump has warned that he will use the US military to close the nation’s southern border with Mexico if nothing is done to prevent the attempt by a caravan of undocumented immigrants to enter the country. Trump issued the warning in several posts on social media site, Twitter, slamming Mexico and other countries’ immigration policies, as well as the Democratic Party.

Trump says that the leaders of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras are doing little to prevent the flow of undocumented immigrants into the US. As well as stopping any and all payments to those nations, Trump is asking Mexico to stop the influx. If that does not work, the President says he is willing to call on the US military to close the country’s southern border.

Trump made the comments 19 days before the midterm elections, as he rallies his base over the controversial issue of stricter enforcement of US immigration policies. This summer, a heated debate erupted over the zero-tolerance policy, which caused the separation of immigrant families. On Tuesday, the Trump administration revealed that 66 immigrant minors remain separated from their parents and in custody and that 50 of their parents have already been removed from the US.

Funding for the wall between the US and Mexico that Trump has long campaigned for has not yet been fully obtained, and a battle over funding is expected after the midterm elections next month.