US immigration officers endorse Trump

The union that represents 5000 US immigration officers has given its endorsement to Republican Party candidate, Donald Trump for the upcoming Presidential election. This is a surprise increase in support for Trump’s policies on immigration as he prepares for his first debate with the Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Trump has taken a tough stance on illegal immigration, promising to take several steps to crack down on the amount of undocumented immigrants streaming into the US. These include building a wall on the southern border between the US and Mexico. Immigration is certain to be on the agenda for discussion at the Presidential debate. The union representing 5000 law enforcement support staff and immigration officers, the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council, made the announcement of it what it says is its first such official endorsement in favor of the controversial billionaire.

Chris Crane, the president of the union, says that members of his union are American communities’ last line of defense and yet are currently blocked from enforcing even the most basic immigration laws, which is why Trump is receiving its overwhelming endorsement.

On September 7, CNN/ORC released a poll claiming that the split between voter trust on the immigration issue was closer than ever, with Clinton leading Trump by just two percent at 49 to 47 percent. Clinton received just five percent of the vote by the membership of the union, according to Crane.