Where to Find Immigration Help

If you are filing immigration forms and petitions, you will likely need help at some point. You may have questions about a form or immigration process, for example. You may also have unique circumstances that are not covered on the instructions that come with immigration forms. If there are delays or problems with your immigration forms, you may need assistance as well. Luckily, there are many places where you can turn for help:

1) The USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) website (www.uscis.gov). The website contains many portals and informative resources for those who want to immigrate to the US. USCIS’s website also has all the USCIS forms and the instructions available for download.

2) USCIS customer service. If you have a specific question that is not answered by the USCIS website, you can contact Customer Service at 1-800-375-5283. There is no charge for this service.

3) Community-Based Organizations (CBOs). CBOs offer a number of services. In some cases, they help immigrants settle into the US or help with filling out immigration forms. Many CBOs also offer English language classes and citizenship classes to help immigrants pass the citizenship exam. You can find CBOs by looking for immigration groups in your phone book. You can also find CBOs by contacting the USCIS or visiting the USCIS website to find CBOs in your area. However, you must ensure that the CBO you ask help from is reputable. You can do this by checking the group’s Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) accreditation or by asking the CBO for recommendations from other immigrants.

4) Immigration attorneys. In most cases, you can file immigration petitions and applications successfully without ever needing an immigration attorney. However, in some cases you will need an immigration attorney. If there is something in your background that could make you ineligible for an immigration petition, for example, you will want to consult with an immigration attorney before filing. If you have been accused of an immigration-related fraud or crime or if your petition has been denied, you can also turn to an immigration attorney. An attorney can also be useful if you are in danger of being deported from the country or losing your status. As with CBOs, it is important to verify the reputation of your attorney. You can do this by calling the state bar to verify your attorney’s reputation. You can also ask the attorney for recommendations from past clients.

5) USCIS authorities. In some cases, you will need to speak with an immigration authority about your specific case. In this situation, you can make an appointment through InfoPass to visit the USCIS office nearest you to talk to an immigration officer. You can make an appointment through the USCIS website. In addition, you can speak to an USCIS representative by visiting an information counter at a USCIS office.

6) US-Immigration.com has a number of immigration resources, including informative free immigration articles, a blog, and detailed information about USCIS changes and new policies. In addition, you can get immigration kits from US-Immigration.com that contain the immigration forms you need as well as all the information you need to fill out those forms correctly.