Fiance Visa Interview Five Useful Tips to Succeed

If you are applying for a K1 Fiancee Visa, you are applying to enter the US in order to get married to a US citizen. Since the K1 visa allows you to secure a green card through marriage and eventually apply for US citizenship, the USCIS takes care to ensure that there is no immigration fraud taking place. One way the USCIS does this is by conducting a K1 Fiancee Visa interview. If you have applied for the K1 visa, you will be instructed to arrive at a set location at a set time and date for your interview. To succeed at your interview, make sure that you:

1) Read the instructions carefully. When you get the notice of your scheduled interview, make sure that you read all instructions very carefully. At some K1 Fiancee Visa interviews, you may be requested to appear with specific documents or may be asked to leave electronic devices at home. Be sure that you understand and follow all instructions very carefully.

2) Prepare yourself for your K1 Fiancee Visa interview. Talk to others about their interview and view some sample questions. This will prepare you for the types of questions you will be asked and will make you feel more confident about the process.

3) Dress to impress and arrive on time. Plan on arriving at your interview location early. That way, if there is traffic or any delays you can still avoid being late. As well, dress in business casual to show respect to the interviewer. Avoid showing up in casual clothing, such as jeans and sandals. Pay attention to your grooming, too. Having a pleasant, neat, professional appearance can only help your case.

4) Be polite and patient. You may be waiting some time before your interview and your interviewer may even be late. Being pleasant and polite, even in such cases, helps ensure that you make a good impression. Even if you disagree with what you are being asked, remain calm. Being offensive can mean that your petition is banned. Answer all questioned asked as fully and honestly as you can. Elaborate where needed and donˆt rush through your answers, it’s ok to give yourself time to think and answer.

5) Give yourself a break. The interview process is stressful. After you are done the interview, shake the interviewer’s hand and thank them. Then go and celebrate your successful interview with your fiancee and friends. Try not to dwell about any possible mistakes or the outcome of your interview. Just await the official news from the USCIS.