Republican Congressmen drop out of immigration reform

FLAGGTwo key players in the bipartisan group supposedly working on an immigration reform plan for the House of Representatives have apparently backed away from the last round of negotiation, declaring that they are no longer able to back any reforms due to a lack of trust in President Barack Obama.

John Carter and Sam Johnson, both Republicans in Texas, admitted on Friday that they were no longer involved in negotiations in regards to immigration reform, claiming that after four years of work they had reached a tipping point as they no longer believed in the Obama administration’s tactics.  They claimed that politics was preventing the reforming of the US visas program and the strengthening of border security in the United States.

They appear to be under the impression that Congress is somehow being passed over, with the letter of the law and the constitution being disregarded.  Their departure from the immigration reform negotiations continues the deterioration of bipartisanship in the House of Representatives, which last week defunded Obama’s healthcare law with the use of a spending bill and a $40 billion reduction in the food stamp scheme.

GOP leaders are responsible for the problems according to Representative Luis Gutierrez, who said that the work of the bipartisan group was being rejected by top Republicans.  Gutierrez said that it was the Republican Party that was playing politics instead of actually doing something to help the United States by finding solutions to some of its most controversial issues.