New: USCIS Citizenship Resource Center

The online USCIS Citizenship Resource Center is designed to be a one-stop naturalization resource for citizenship applicants, teachers, and organizations. The site provides easy-to-understand resources for every step of the naturalization process.

US citizenship applicants usually have lots of questions about the naturalization process. The organizations and teachers that help applicants through the citizenship process also usually have questions and concerns. Now, the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) has developed a Citizenship Resource Center online to provide help during the entire application process.

For Applicants

Citizenship applicants can use the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center to apply for naturalization, learn more about citizenship, and study for the test. Users of the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center can also find citizenship classes and English language classes online and even attend an information session about the citizenship process. There are even online videos and other resources to help applicants understand the naturalization process completely. An online practice test and practice information helps candidates practice for the citizenship test. For citizenship applicants, the aim of the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center is to provide a one-stop resource that can help applicants on the path to citizenship. Everything on the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center is explained clearly and in detailed language, so that it is easy to understand.

For Teachers

For teachers, adult educators, and volunteers who offer citizenship classes, the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center provides teaching tools, classroom tools, and online training resources. Teachers can download teaching plans, class plans and suggestions right from the website or sign up to take part in local training sessions to become even more effective teachers. Since all the resources at the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center are created by the USCIS, teachers can be sure that the resources they are using to help their students are actually USCIS-approved and relevant to the current naturalization test. Through the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center, teachers of citizenship classes can also access teacher training sessions and detailed information about the naturalization process. For citizenship class teachers, the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center is designed to help provide teaching tools and other training resources that can help teachers offer the best naturalization instruction possible.

For Organizations

There are many organizations that help immigrants achieve citizenship. In many cases, these organizations are non-profit groups that provide much-needed support, education, and assistance to immigrants. For organizations that help people achieve their dream of citizenship, the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center provides details about grant programs, recipients, and resources, allowing organizations to apply for and secure grants that can help them assist as many applicants as possible. The USCIS Citizenship Resource Center also provides professional development, training, and additional resources for organizations, as well as suggested best practices. For organizations, the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center is designed to help offer the tools and resources organizations need to help newcomers and immigrants.