The Latest News from the USCIS

Staying on top of US immigration news is vital if you are going through any immigration process. In May 2011, the USCIS released two pieces of news which are of interest to all immigrants in the US. The first news item has to do with the I-9 form. All employers must file an I-9 form for every employee they hire, including all immigrants and all citizens. The form is then filed and made available to US government agents if they arrive at the place of work. The role of the I-9 is to ensure that all workers in the US are properly authorized to work in the US. By filling out US immigration form I-9, employers are required to check an employee’s work authorization, so that they cannot claim that they did not know a worker was undocumented.

As part of their efforts to make the process easier for both workers and employers, the USCIS announced in May 2011 that the agency was creating an I-9 Central on the website. This portal offers online resources and information around the clock to provide guidance and help for both employees and employers who need to complete an I-9 form. The aim of this new portal is to make it easier for everyone to get the information they need to comply with immigration and employment laws.

The other exciting news at the USCIS in May 2011 is that the USCIS is creating a Secure Mail Initiative (SMI) with a partnership with the USPS. This initiative will allow applicants to track their documents both to and from the USCIS, which will hopefully help to cut down on delayed and lost mail. The new USPS partnership will also mean that immigration documents will arrive days earlier than through the traditional mailing system the USCIS has been using Ú good news for immigrants awaiting visas and other important documents. The SMI has already been tested in a pilot project and has been found to improve waiting times and applicant experiences.

April 2011 was also an exciting month for the USCIS. That month, the USCIS announced a final rule on to improve the Form I-9 Process. As well, in April, the USCIS was also still accepting H-1B Petitions for FY 2012 H-1B Petitions. The rest of May as well as June should continue to bring more news from US immigration authorities. Check back at our blog often to learn the latest about all the US immigration news you need to know.