USCIS Award Winning Design for Green Card

The USCIS Redesigns Green Card and Wins Innovation Award

Although permanent residency is permanent in the US, the green card is not. US green card holders need to renew their green card every ten years, in most cases. One reason for this is because the USCIS redesigns and updates the format and design of the green card every so often. This is done to add new security features to the green card, in order to help fight fraud.

The latest redesign of the US green card took place in 2010, when the USCIS revealed the new design in summer 2010. The new green card had a number of new features. For example, the new permanent residency card includes new secure optical media, which allows for faster authentication of the card, since the media stores biometrics. As well, the new green card includes anti-counterfeiting measures, such as laser engraved fingerprints, holographic images, and special micro-images. The card design also includes stricter integration of design elements and personalized information, so that if you lost your green card or it is stolen, it cannot be tampered with. The new US green card also has Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) capability. This means that the new card can be read by authorities at a distance so that information can be confirmed for card holders. As well, each new US green card has a return address so that it can be easily returned to the USCIS if lost.

Finally, the new green card is green. For years, many people were confused by the fact that the permanent residency card in the US was not green, despite its name. Starting in 2010, all green cards are green. If you need to apply for a green card or renew a green card, you do not need to do anything special in order to receive the new design of green card. Starting in May 2010, all new renewed, replaced, and new permanent residency cards mailed by the USCIS were the new type of card. If you currently have an older version of the permanent residency card, simply keep your current card and renew your green card when you current card is about to expire. At that time, you will be mailed a new card with the new features.

There has been quite a bit of excitement surrounding the new US green card. Authorities are pleased with the new security features, which will help thwart fraud and will help make green cards more secure. Even non-US organizations are excited by the new card. In fact, in 2011, the USCIS was presented with the ACT Canada ôInternational Innovation Awardõ for its new green card design. The award recognized the new security features, innovations, and the data features of the new permanent residency card. The award is regularly handed out to those organizations that find innovative ways to prevent fraud and identity theft through document and data security.