American Immigration Weekly Recap – March 13th to 17th

Gorsuch’s Immigration Stance Unknown

If Neil Gorsuch wins confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court and becomes the ninth Supreme Court Justice, his vote will be the deciding vote on the travel ban issued by President Donald Trump. However, it is still uncertain on how he will vote.

Immigration Policy in Yakima Pushed to Become Ordinance

Immigrant advocates in Yakima want the city’s policy on immigration – not to inquire about a person’s immigration status – to become a legally binding ordinance as they fear that this policy might be changed in future.

2500 Refugees from Restricted Countries Enter the US Under Trump

Around 2466 immigrant refugees from the six countries on which the Trump administration has issued a travel ban, have settled in the U.S. since the inauguration of Donald Trump as the President of the U.S. The countries whose nationals are banned from temporarily coming to the U.S. include Iran, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Sudan.

US Immigrant Workers Prepare for More Raids

As immigrants in more numbers are being rounded up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, more immigrant workers are preparing themselves for even bigger workplace immigration raids. ICE agents carried out most of their raids in manufacturing plants, restaurants and construction sites.

Temporary Deportation Reprieve for Immigration Activist

Parole for Mexican immigration activist Elvira Arellano has been extended. He has already been twice deported from the country for illegal entry. Read more.

California Justice Calls for Ban on Courthouse Immigration Arrests

The Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court has asked the federal immigration authorities not to arrest immigrants at courthouses. Read more.

Asian Immigrants Want to Be US Citizens

DHS data shows that there is a steady increase in the number of Asian immigrants applying for citizenship in the U.S. Read more.