Cost to Renew Green Card

$455 is the cost to renew a green card. Some applicants will also need to pay the biometrics service fee of $85.

Green Card Renewal

You will have to pay the green card renewal fee at the time of filing your Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. Irrespective of whether you are filing the form to renew green card or to replace it, you will need to pay this fee.

The right time to file an application to get your green card renewed is six months from the date on which your card will expire. You can file the I-90 application to get your permanent resident card replaced if your card is lost, stolen or mutilated.

In both the cases you will have to pay the $455 application filing fee and the $85 biometrics service fee.

Exceptions to the Fee

If you are filing Form I-90 because your card has incorrect information and if it is because of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) error, you will not be required to pay the application filing fee and the fee for biometrics services.

You need not pay the fee if the USCIS issued you a green card and if you never received it. You will not be required to pay the fee again if your card was mailed by the USCIS 30 days ago and if it was returned to the USCIS as undeliverable. In this case, you must not have changed your address that you initially provided at the time of filing your application with the USCIS.

Fee Waiver

USCIS will not accept applications submitted without the correct fees. If you cannot afford the green card renewal fee, you can file a fee waiver request. To qualify for a fee waiver, your household income must be below 150 percent of the federal poverty level or you must be experiencing financial hardships that prevent you from paying the fee. You can request a waiver if you or any of your family members are receiving means-tested benefits. Click here to learn more about filing for a fee waiver.

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