Deferred Action – Application Processing

Deferred Action – Application ProcessingAfter you file Form I-821D along with Forms I-765 and I-765WS, USCIS will review your form and the supporting documents that you had sent along with the USCIS forms. Your form will first be checked for accuracy. Make sure that you fill all the parts of the application as leaving important columns blank will lead to the denial of your application. USCIS will verify the information that you have provided and only after that your application will be accepted by the USCIS. You will receive a text message or an e-mail after your application is accepted, if you had attached Form G-1145, E-Notification of Application/ Petition Acceptance, to your application.

If your form is incomplete or if the supporting documents that you submitted are insufficient, your application may not be considered. In certain cases, USCIS will request you to appear at a local USCIS office, if additional information is required and you may also be required to submit original documents of the copies that you had submitted. You will then be sent a notification to be present at an Application Support Center (ASC) for biometrics collection. Make sure that you do not fail to appear for biometrics collection. After verifying all the data, USCIS will review your request for deferred action to ascertain whether you are eligible to receive deferred action. Remember that all the cases will not be adjudicated in a similar manner.

At times your request may not be considered, even if you satisfy all the eligibility requirements. However, USCIS will send you its decision in writing, once a decision is made. If you are granted deferred action, you may not be deported from the United States for two years and you will also be granted a work permit to work in the United States.

As there is an option to renew deferred action, you may submit a request to renew deferred action and employment authorization at the end of the two-year period. If the USCIS rejects or denies your request, there is no appeal and your case may not be reopened. To avoid such circumstances, you must ensure your eligibility, fill your forms completely without errors and without concealing any important information, and provide all the proof to substantiate your request for deferral.