Deferred Action Scam

Undocumented immigrants who want to apply for deferred action to remain in the United States should be aware of scammers. Through this policy undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as minors, will be granted permission to remain in the country for a certain period of time. Fraudsters, as usual try to defraud undocumented immigrants who seek to receive deferred action.

Deferred action process has strict requirements and three forms must be filed along with certain supporting documentation. This process also involves background checks and biometrics collection. Applicants must remember that this process is meant for undocumented immigrants who had come to the United States below age 16. This process will grant eligible undocumented immigrants renewable work permits and deferred action valid for two years.

People who receive deferred action will never become liable for permanent residence or US citizenship. Moreover there is no way to expedite your request. Applicants must be aware of scammers who promise expedited processing of deferred action and they also require a fee for that service. Understanding the deferred action process well, is the only way through which you can avoid such scams. If legal advice is required, you may find an authorized immigration lawyer, who can help you. Required information about the deferred action process is available in this website and hence undocumented immigrants who are eligible to receive deferred action may make use of those online resources and avoid scams.

Similarly, deferred action applicants must not engage in fraud related to the deferred action initiative. If you try to conceal facts, in order to receive deferred action and a work permit, US immigration laws may be enforced and you may be removed from the country. Many people believe that the deferred action process is the DREAM Act that will grant them US citizenship, in due course of time. This is not true and this process only suspends deportation temporarily. This process will grant the eligible applicants deferred action and employment authorization and if anyone adds anything more to it, then remember that it is said to get your money.

Remember that the deferred action benefits do not apply to the family; only the person who is applying for deferred action may be eligible to receive deferred action benefits. Avoid rip-offs and understand the process before filing a request.