Reasons Why Undocumented Immigrants Must Request Deferred Action

Deferred action process that has been implemented by President Obama’s Administration, will protect the undocumented immigrants from deportation. Most of the eligible undocumented immigrants are stepping forward to request deferred action, which will temporarily postpone deportation. However there are various reasons why an undocumented immigrant must come forward to request deferred action.

Filing Form I-821D, will be fist step that must be taken by eligible undocumented immigrants. If their requests are considered, they may live and work in the country for two years. Though this process is not a permanent relief, this process will allow the recipients to remain in the United States and they may remain permanently in the country, if the Dream Act is passed.

Implementation of this process is considered to be a milestone in the lives of undocumented immigrants, who had always been living with a deportation fear. Many such undocumented immigrants who are in the United States for a very long period of time had been hiding in the shadows. This deferred action process will safeguard them and will allow them to come out of their shadows and remain in the country. This process which does not grant legal status to the undocumented immigrants will grant them protected status and their presence in the United States will no more be called illegal.

Federal work permits that will be granted to deferred action recipients, will help them to work legally and will prevent them from falling a prey to people who force them to work illegally, for a very less pay. This process which grants work permits will allow them to improve their wages and to contribute to the economy of America. Now that they are applying to receive deferred action, their status may not be questioned, as this process will temporarily defer their deportation for two years.

By granting deferred action to an individual who has a clear criminal history, immigration laws may be enforced on people who actually threaten the country’s security. Deferred action, though it is only a temporary relief, will help the country as well as the undocumented immigrants. This process involves a lot of paper work and certain immigrants may require legal support to file petitions to request deferred action. Various eligibility requirements must be satisfied and the applicant must undergo background checks before the USCIS could decide on his case.

At the same time, the applicants must not become victims of deferred action scam. For most Dreamers, United States is their home as they had grown up and studied there with their friends and families and hence, if you are an undocumented immigrant, you may protect yourself from deportation by filing Form I-821D, to request deferred action and get your work permits and driver’s licenses along with deferred action.