Gaining US Citizenship by Marriage

If you marry a US citizen, you may become eligible for a green card, and, eventually, citizenship. Before marrying, the first step is to apply for a K-1 visa. This process can take quite long but once you have a K-1 visa you are eligible to enter the US and marry your partner. Once you marry your partner, you can apply for a conditional green card and then a green card. Once you have a green card, you may consider applying for US citizenship. If you plan on living with your spouse in the US, US citizenship will allow you to enjoy a US passport, so that you can travel more freely in and out of the United States. Citizenship will also allow you to participate more fully in your new life in the United States. With US citizenship, you will be able to vote, run for office, and apply for any type of job (including jobs with security clearance and government jobs reserved for US citizens).

To apply for US citizenship, you will generally need to live in the United States for a minimum of three years. The exact residency requirements may vary, however. Check the USCIS website to find out whether you may qualify for citizenship sooner. Once you are in the US and waiting to apply for citizenship, it is important to keep a clean criminal record. This is because applicants for citizenship need to prove that they are of sound moral character. While living in the US, you may also want to take classes in US history and US civics as well as English classes. When you attend your naturalization interview, you will need to show that you know US civics and the English language. Taking classes early ensures that you have the skills in place.

Once you have your green card and have maintained residency in the US for at least three years, start the naturalization process by filing USCIS Form N-400 (Application for Naturalization). Once your application is approved, you will get an examination date. Be sure to prepare for your examination and interview by studying the English language and US civics. Once you pass the exam, you will need to attend a US citizenship ceremony and take the oath of allegiance. Once you do this, you will be a naturalized citizen of the United States of America.